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***This gallery is best viewed as a slide-show!***

One weekend every year, the City of Toronto holds the Doors Open Toronto (DOT) programme whereby 100's of buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and social significance open their doors to the public. The programme allows visitors free access to properties that are either not usually open to the public.

This gallery is a photo tour of the Toronto Transit Commision's (TTC) Greenwood Maintenance Shop.

Greenwood Shop is a heavy repair and overhaul facility. Major subway car overhaul work is done here. The 31 acre Greenwood Complex opened in March 1960. The shop covers approx. 190,000 square feet and is the workplace of almost 200 employees.

During DOT the public had behind-the-scenes access to tour massive garage and shop to see machinery and equipment used in the overhaul and repair of big subway cars.

This was the first year that Greenwood Shop participated in DOT; over 1500 visitors passed through the facility from 12:00-5:00PM.

As well as being an interesting place for anyone, Greenwood Shop is also the place of employment of my brother Mike where he works as a Millwright and he acted as our personal guide during the tour.

Technical: Most of the images were shot with a Zenitar 16mm Fisheye lens on a Pentax K-m dSLR. Other images were shot with a Pentax DA35mm lens and a Voigtlander Nokton 58mm lens. Shot in RAW format and post-processed for exposure, colour-balance and minor cropping in Pentax Photo Laboratory.